Thursday, April 16, 2009

Woman who lost their lives in a horrible way

Sorry guys and gals its been a long time since posting. I promise to get more regular with the photo updates.
Albuquerque has had its stream of crazy stories in its history. Mostly bizarre but funny crime stories. But this last month there has been a real serious story developing. On the Westside of Albuquerque there is a mass grave site where 11 women's remains have been found along with an unborn child. Six of the women have been identified. "America's Most Wanted" came to town to film a segment on the crime scene. Its being deemed as the biggest crime scene in U.S. history. I live a couple miles away from the crime scene so I decided to go over and check it out.
The area is filled with emotion. Many people have left mementos of the women and others stop by to look at the flowers and pictures left.

I didn't know if these people knew the victims or what but found out they were from the neighborhood.

Police have secured the crime scene so you can't just walk in the area. The area is blocked off by cinder blocks and NO TRESPASSING signs. I shot from behind these areas and the Albuquerque Police had its mobile crime lab out. On the back bumper were plastic bags. I began to shoot some photos then zoomed in. I realized they were bones. They were animal bones that police deemed not human but some looked human. At that moment it set in of how precious human life really is. No one should have their remains hauled off in a plastic bag by a crime lab.

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