Saturday, October 25, 2008

The future of photography

The office had the great privilege of taking the D700 for a test drive. Its a full frame camera so what you see is what you get. Most digital cameras have a crop factor so if you shoot an image it will be magnified by the cameras chip. Roberto E. Rosales a great photographer used the camera on a couple assignments and I was blown away. I took an image of my esteemed colleague Rich Joyner. He is faster then fast with photos for pre press.

Nikon D700 4000ISO 55MM 2.8

Same settings but with a crop.

The money shot. I was really impressed with this crop. Look at the detail without going fuzzy wuzzy as a bear. Not Rich but just photo. Look at the detail of the many photos he is working.

So this means the future of photography is now with the cropping factor. Its just this technology has been rolled out at the wrong time because of the cut backs at papers, magazines and media organizations. There is some cameras coming out with megapixels growing in the 30s to 40s. Photographers joke that we could shoot with a wide angle and just crop into the moment.


Cable Hoover Photography said...

Ha, ha - nice pic of Rich. The Independent just ordered us one D700 - it should be here sometime next week. Brian and I are going to have to share it for while but it should be fun anyway.

Richard said...

Dude what up with the retouching? You could have gotten rid of some of my blemishes...sigh