Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So long Mr. Hoover, yes it does suck you are gone (No pun)

I had the pleasure of working with Cable Hoover at the Albuquerque Journal for just under a year. He has gotten a sweet gig at the Gallup Independent as a full time shooter. Something he has always dreamed about. While at the Journal he taught me the ropes of photo techning and how to make images better. I was really pushing him to go for this job and he got it. At the same time it was rough to see him walk out to his truck one last time. I am not one for being all sappy love tunes but he is a great worker and made my nights go by fast. Now I might have to call him while he is on assignment to just bug him. I can't imagine the photo desk with out him. Its been a rough week knowing he is gone into the Gallup sunset. I can't wait to hear his stories and see his images.

Here is to you Cable. He got this Holga at his going away lunch. Make some killer frames with those light leaks.

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