Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So last year

The tabloids and Internet sites were quite the buzz when the youngest Spears was formally introduced as being pregnant. I was watching CNN at work and had the camera by my desk and snapped this screen grab. Its kind of sad to see the news go this way. The monster machine has turned into a me monster whoever can get the biggest reaction goes for it. Spears, Jolie, Pitt and any other celebrity that might create a stir is the first story. The public wants to have the water cooler chats on the reality T.V., and celeb gossip.
People aren't interested in the serious stories that make the world go around. Kenya, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, the Koreas and any other hot spot are buried in the newscast or paper. People aren't interested in the issues of the world. Its ironic because the local news stations have the policy of "if it bleeds it leads." Why can't the major T.V. networks have that policy when it comes to issues such as genocide and war.

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