Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa's Last Minute Pick Up

My wife and I were shopping for the kids late at night. Which I recommend if you want to avoid crowds during Christmas shopping. We were strolling the aisles and saw Santa shopping for a coffee maker. He was handing out candy canes and asking if people were naughty or nice. I looked at Jenny and bolted to the door. The rule of the Layman's never leave a camera at home. Santa was at Target just shopping and I need to document a moment. I ran to the parking lot got loose paper and camera. He was walking to the checkout and I was thinking dang it. Should I get him checking out or what. Then a little girl and her family appeared. He gave her a candy cane. I was using my wife's point and shoot and was firing away. Then the moment appeared. Most Santa photos I have seen are kid crying, Santa's helpers on a smoke break or the SantaCon photos. Anyways, have a good week.

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